One-stop service for international transport suppliers 中文

Guangzhou Top Flight International Logistics Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Tourai International Logistics Co., Ltd. is a professional, standardized and comprehensive transportation agency service company approved by the international authorities.It specializes in China-Nigeria's major ports, urban air and sea transportation, and door-to-door service.
Our company has a very comprehensive agent network around the world, which can provide customers with door-to-door and imported air transportation services. Our company has been adhering to the "service first, customer first" philosophy, and is committed to becoming a supplier of supply chain integration.
International logistics is the company's traditional main business. A team of wise, innovative, professional and cooperative employees is the source of the power of the Tour. The company's employees are young and prosperous, well-educated and professionally trained, and have a smooth English communication skills.
Guangzhou Tuolai International Logistics Co., Ltd. has excellent management talents and high-quality marketing team. With professional business operations, it provides customers with door-to-point pick-up, warehouse pick-up, delivery of goods to the door, arrangement of warehouses, etc. A one-stop service for the door, which can provide timely information on the goods.
Guangzhou Tourai International Logistics Co., Ltd. provides customers with “professional, fast, safe and timely” freight services and efficient transportation efficiency.
Tulai International Freight Co., Ltd. specializes in China-Nigeria major ports, urban air and sea double customs clearance, door-to-door service, covering the entire territory of Nigeria, successfully serving 5000+ enterprises, and has a reputation for its strength.
With a large number of commodity selection, preferential price charges, convenient payment channels, fast logistics and reliable after-sales service, the concept of one-stop system provides customers with high-quality and reliable services that can buy all the goods without leaving home.